A Chat with…..Mohamed Kashif Joosub – Chief Photographer/Managing Director, Light House Studio Al Quoz

1.     The studio works on a concept of `combining work with pleasure’, offering an amiable environment. How did the concept assume shape?

The concept is simple, yet very effective and powerful, I make sure that my staff enjoy what they do, by doing team building exercises such as Karaoke nights, BBQ nights, and fun photoshoots, which brings the best out of them, keeping them motivated, and this reflects through our excellent customer service.

2.     What is the USP of your studio that gives it a distinctive edge?

It is the tools that we offer, from having tied up with the best quality photographic and video brands, and having a young vibrant creative team which have specialized skills, and giving them the opportunity to unleash their imagination, and this is why we are known as the best in the market.

3.      Can you elaborate on your production services and how is it customized to suit individual client requirements?

Every client wants something different, fresh or new, and there is no job that is too small or too big that cannot be accomplished. Our photo and film crew cater to corporates, commercials, weddings, fashion, products, and personal shoots. We work on the clients budget, sharing ideas and advising them how we can structure the project to suit their needs. Saving a bit for your client, will always makethem come back.

4.     What value-add on comes with the studio rental package?

Studio rental is for individual photographers or agencies that need to hire out the space, and with this comes, the studio (3,000 sq ft), which has infinity curves, spacious and modern make-up area, large dressing/changing room, complimentary soft drinks, water, tea/coffee, and high speed WIFI internet. We are currently running asummer promotion, which includes studio lighting and backdrops with the studio rental.

5.     Studio rental, photography, photography equipment rental are some of the services you offer. Which is most sought after in a market like Dubai?

Each category has its own cliental, and since we service all of them, we gain market share from each one, and there isn’t any that supersede the other, as it works on seasons. E.g. During the winter its wedding season, and also photographers like shooting outdoors, so then the equipment rental and photography gets busier, but during summer, the studio hire is more popular for shoots.

6.     Staying abreast of technology is a challenge, with particular reference to contemporary photography. How do you ensure your studio offers the best?

We have to keep upgrading equipment, and increasing our knowledge on new technologies. We monitor International trends, and see what the market demands.

7.     Do you also offer training to amateur photographers who are shutter-happy?

Yes, we do conduct workshops and offer internships. We give them the opportunity to take their photography skills to the next level, by guiding them with the tools and how to operatethem, and allowing them the freedom to create their own style.

8.     How different are the requirements of this region versus certain other parts of the globe, for instance the West?

This region is a bit more sensitive and moderate, and we have to make sure we respect the culture and religion. We do cater to the Islamic community, by having our own dedicated female team that do the filming, photos and editing.

9.     Can you elaborate on any of the recent corporate events that your outfit was involved in?

We recently worked on the Arabian Travel Market event at Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, where we filmed the event and had a photobooth, which we had taken instant photos and printed, then put in a frame and given to the guests. We also covered events for Chanel, Coca Cola, Damas, Bloomingdales and Emirates.

10.  How has the response been so far to all that your studio offers?

Business is excellent, and is expanding rapidly. We recently branched out in the video and film industry, which has shown a phenomenal growth and we expect to recruitmore people very soon.


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