EVOLVING INFLUENCE – The Evolution of the Abaya

The UAE is a melting pot of nationalities, seeing over 202 different nationalities from all over the globe, seeing all different religions coexist.

As the predominant religion is of the Muslim faith in the UAE, seeing a women wear an abaya or traditional wear is as common as seeing women wearing high heels.

But many Western expats are left struggling with questions such as;

– Why do some women have to cover their entire face and others don’t?

Or the most common question, is an Abaya a fashion statement or a tradition.

The Abaya has evolved thanks to designers such as Chanel, Dior, DKNY and many more high couture designers.

Grace and Garbo PR saw a lack of education regarding Abaya’s and decided to put into place, a cultural initiative “Evolving Influence” –  a platform that provides a forum of cultural exchange through fashion. The debut event will focus on the evolution of the Abaya and how the traditional garment has inspired many designers today. Some of the topics will include the influences; new wave of abayas; the abaya marketing local & international; the future of abayas etc.

The panel includes Abaya designers: Amal Murad; Rabia Z; Sarah Madani to name but a few

Date: 15th April 2012

Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Venue: 4th floor – Pullman Hotel, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai


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