What’s in a bloggers wardrobe? – Sara in Dubai.

New bloggers are a constant fixture in the Dubai scene, we caught up with the latest Dubai darling Sara, who has been living in Dubai all her life. Rather then write just about fashion, she also likes to write about things that she is passionate about, events, charities and the happenings in Dubai.


We caught up with Dubai’s newest it blogger,


Q: Blog Name     SarainDubai.blogspot.com 


Q: How long have you been a blogger?


3 months and I’m loving it!


Q: Finish this sentence…. Fashion to me is….  


a temporary segment of style, fashion is what the scene is now about, it changes along with the seasons.


Q: What is your favorite high street item in your closet?


my high waist mustard skirt from an online shop I discovered recently, Lucy in the Sky.


Q: What is your favorite high end item in your closet?


My Adolfo Sanchez jacket


Q: Fav vintage item?


My Mom’s Versace bag



Q All time fav item that in your eyes will never go out of style?


The Little  black dress (LBD), a woman can’t have too many. This one is my favorite LBD Ashley Zaba black dress



Q: When dressing for a night out with your girlfriends, what suggestions can you give / tips?


Experiment with different styles and looks, go crazy and go wild! Yet make sure you end up feeling comfortable in what you are wearing. A night in heels that you can barely walk in or a dress that is a size smallerisn’t going to be a fun one, trust me!


Q: What never goes out of style?


Trench coats! Throughout the years, they still look the same.


Q: Favorite place to chill / drink at in Dubai.


Left bank, Da Gama, Margaux, and Trader Vic’s.


We also raided Sara’s wardrobe, we HEART her accessories!



Keep an eye out for Sara, she’s everywhere at the moment and if fast becoming one of our favorite bloggers!



Check out Sara’s blog!


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