Pint Sized Fashionistas All Grown Up

Sisters Alizery & Saanieh Mirza, or better known as the authors of Pintsized Fashionista are Dubai’s hottest tweens, with a penchant and love for high street and high end fashion, amazing and impeccable style far beyond their years and a wardrobe that will make any grown women jealous. With their fingers on the fashion pulse and all round lovely and sweet personalities, their upcoming sweet 16th birthday is going to be of MTV epic proportions! To a VIP guest list of the who’s who in town attending, the location being in the tres cool Desert Fish location and with DJ Bliss mixing, we wanted to catch up with the girls to see what they thought about turning 16.


What’s on your wish list for your birthday?
 Saanieh: A mini caviar chanel with gold hardware
Alizey: A ladydate just rolex watch
What does turning 16 mean to you?
 Saanieh: I’m getting old and I really need to accomplish a lot more before I go to uni.
Alizey: time is ticking and we really need to get a move on with our plans before we get old – 20 is only a couple years away and we’ve got lot’s planned!
If you could have one fashion icon dead or alive attend your party who would it be and why?
 Saanieh: Anna Dello Russo, she’s just simply amazing.
Alizey: Donatella Versace, her H&M collaboration was inspiration for our leggings collection which we’ll be showcasing at the party.

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