Sneak Peak into a Fashion Bloggers Closet – Oversized Shades & Coffee

If you want to know a fashion trend before reading it in a magazine, or what is the must have item, before anyone else knows about it, 99% of the time you can read it first on a fashion blog. If fashion was a war, fashion bloggers would be in the trenches fighting to be the first to bring fashion trends and what is happening with “Street Style.”

In the UAE there are some AMAZINGLY talented bloggers, not only are they talented at spotting a rare fashion find, their closets are enviable! One blogger that we keep seeing at events (who makes us green with envy thanks to her effortless style) is Maha from Oversized Shades & Coffee

We chatted with Maha who started blogging in 2008, when she lived in Saudi, she has a passion for photography, writing, quirky designs and of course fashion! Making her one of our favorite bloggers, which is why we couldn’t wait to dive into her closet!

Finish this sentence.
Fashion to me is…. An art form!
What is your favorite high street item in your closet?
Zara Leather jacket, I’m obsessed with, and I wear it way too much it’s like my second skin.
What is your favorite high-end item in your closet ?
Burberry Coat, when I score crazy discounts, I instantly fall in love with the item this one is no exception!  
Your fav vintage item in your closet?
That would have to be the bag that my sister gave to me as a gift, it originally belonged to some old man in New Zealand!
What is your all time fav item in your closet, that in your eyes will never go out of style?
 Without a doubt my, Alexander McQueen shoes *Editors Note, we WANT!
When dressing for a night out with your girlfriends, what suggestions or tips can you give to look great?
Always wear something that fits the shape of your body, bodycon dresses aren’t for everyone? 
What never goes out of style?
A good tailored blazer over a tshirt and jeans
We couldn’t finish this post, without showing you a picture of Maha’s closet. BTW this isn’t even her whole closet, just the part where she keeps all her fav pieces!
 Is it bad that we want to live in her closet?
Read to follow Maha’s love affair with Fahsion and Dubai!!

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