Karl comes to Net a Porter

Unless you have been living under a fashion rock, the ever legendary and slightly eccentric white haired fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld, designed an affordable collection including £50 fingerless gloves, along with many other pieces from Lagerfeld’s 70-strong, cut-price collection which went on sale 2 days ago…. And have already sold out!

Karl joined the ranks of doing a budget line that sold out within days, Stella McCartney and Zac Posen.

Riding on a high after his acclaimed Chanel Paris Couture Week show, Lagerfeld launched his rock-inspired range of leather collars, sparkly dresses, silver shoes and crisp white shirts.

We loved the whole Karl experience, from the tantalizing marketing campaign to the rock n roll inspired collection!

The collection is available online from Net-A-Porter.com.

Natalie Massenet, Net-A-Porter’s founder and executive chairman, told Vogue: ‘From the moment we saw the collection we were hooked… The collection will speak to every woman who wants a bit of the inimitable fabulous street chic that Karl Lagerfeld is known for.’

Who’s coming to Net-a-porter?

Waiting in line, to be the first to have the new collection

Karl simultaneously showing his collection in Paris (above) London, New York and Sydney…. WHY NOT DUBAI!!!


Designer for Evian bottles for 2012 announced….

Evian water had started a tradition of  producing designer glass bottles for their premium water a few years ago, and this year the House of Courrèges’s André Courrèges follows in the footsteps of famous design partners Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, Paul Smith, and Issey Miyake.

The bottle is white and pink in color, and its ink is 100% organic, making the bottle fully recyclable.  Although I doubt anyone would be recycling this bottle if they bought it for their personal collection (like us)!

Evian and these designers lend strong credibility to each other with these limited edition bottles.  All the designers have already made a name for themselves in the fashion industry while evian has made bottled water from the French Alps famous.

The release date for this year’s designer bottle is November, and will be available in select hotels, restaurants, and retailers.  We will be on the lookout to add this bottle to our collection, which resides on our window sill in our apartment in the Marina!

Bow ties are the new cupcakes for the fashion crowd in 2012!

Cupcakes seemed to be present at every fashion event we attended last year, they seemed like crack for the fashion crowd.

So we are absolutely loving the fact that bow ties seem to be taking over the fashion crowd in 2012, we have spied our local celebrities such as Mariyshka and Clare rocking the bow tie.

In Dubai a few stand out designers who are really thinking outside the box, when it comes to bow ties are Velsvoir (http://www.velsvoir.com) and AMD. From leather, studs, velvet and glitter ladies raid your boyfriends or brothers closet and start rocking the bow tie!

69th Annual Golden Globe Awards – Who Wore It Best?

We love the Golden Globes, it gives us a chance to judge celebrities, swoon over designers we love and accessories that we NEED!

Here are some of our favorite looks from the 69th Annual Golden Globes;

Michelle Williams, wearing Jason Wu, Judith Leiber clutch, and vintage Fred Leighton headband.

We feel she stepped out of her comfort zone, while still being glamourous, fresh, young and edgy.

Hollywood’s favorite red head, Emma Stone wore this gorgeous flowing Lanvin and Cartier Clutch.

It’s age appropriate, we love the little bit of edginess with the waisted clinch belt and details on the sleeves. If Emma plays her cards right, she will be crowned as 2012 best dressed celebrity.

Angelina Jolie, can she do no wrong? This is one of all time favorite looks of the night. Wearing Atelier Versace with a Christian Louboutin Clutch, she injects a splash of color without over doing it, the neck line is edgy, yet her hair, make up and accessories are kept simple, making it glamourous.


* Images courtesy of http://www.vogue.com

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say

First we have the Amazing and High-Larious, youtube clip Sh*t Girls Say, then today we came across this video.

Personally we think this parody of what a stereotypical, fashion girl would say is so spot on, it’s scary!

Do you agree with us?

Local Designers you love?

Dubai is known for opulence, excess, fast cars and the tallest buildings in the world. But it is also known for fashion, slowly out of the wood works in the UAE we are seeing more and more up coming designers who have a flair for the different, quirky and extraordinary!

Over the next coming weeks, we will feature some of our favorite designers, if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below!

*Be prepared to be inspired!

Sienna Miller

When we heard the news that Sienna Miller was “with child” we were a little shocked. A little part of us, wanted her to get back together with Jude Law (No matter what a cheating scoundrel he is we still love him).

With the news of her getting pregnant, we decided to celebrate with watching “Factory Girl”, which Sienna plays Eddie Sedgwick, who was the muse of Andy Warhol to perfection. From her waif like frame, the crystal cut british accent to the chain smoking. We fell in love with both Sienna’s and Eddie’s 60’s style in this movie.

Here are some of our favorite looks from the movie.

Before she moved to NYC and meet Andy Warhol.

Hayden Christian played the “Singer” Who was never named in the film, but he represented Bob Dylan (who was a stone cold fox when he was younger).

Real Vs. Fake – The age old debate


The age old debate was sparked between 2 fashionistas yesterday, and it got me thinking… Real Vs. Fake….

From fake breasts, fake Chanel bags and the fake raybans, that are littered in Dubai especially if you visit Karama (obviously for the fake sunglasses and fake bags NOT the fake breasts). The question is; Fake Vs. Real which ones better?

Obviously the status that comes with owning the “Real Deal” think the Berkin bag, compared to owning a fake is a huge thing.

What do you think Real Vs. Fake?



Sneak Peak into a Fashion Bloggers Closet – Oversized Shades & Coffee

If you want to know a fashion trend before reading it in a magazine, or what is the must have item, before anyone else knows about it, 99% of the time you can read it first on a fashion blog. If fashion was a war, fashion bloggers would be in the trenches fighting to be the first to bring fashion trends and what is happening with “Street Style.”

In the UAE there are some AMAZINGLY talented bloggers, not only are they talented at spotting a rare fashion find, their closets are enviable! One blogger that we keep seeing at events (who makes us green with envy thanks to her effortless style) is Maha from Oversized Shades & Coffee www.shadesandcoffee.com.

We chatted with Maha who started blogging in 2008, when she lived in Saudi, she has a passion for photography, writing, quirky designs and of course fashion! Making her one of our favorite bloggers, which is why we couldn’t wait to dive into her closet!

Finish this sentence.
Fashion to me is…. An art form!
What is your favorite high street item in your closet?
Zara Leather jacket, I’m obsessed with, and I wear it way too much it’s like my second skin.
What is your favorite high-end item in your closet ?
Burberry Coat, when I score crazy discounts, I instantly fall in love with the item this one is no exception!  
Your fav vintage item in your closet?
That would have to be the bag that my sister gave to me as a gift, it originally belonged to some old man in New Zealand!
What is your all time fav item in your closet, that in your eyes will never go out of style?
 Without a doubt my, Alexander McQueen shoes *Editors Note, we WANT!
When dressing for a night out with your girlfriends, what suggestions or tips can you give to look great?
Always wear something that fits the shape of your body, bodycon dresses aren’t for everyone? 
What never goes out of style?
A good tailored blazer over a tshirt and jeans
We couldn’t finish this post, without showing you a picture of Maha’s closet. BTW this isn’t even her whole closet, just the part where she keeps all her fav pieces!
 Is it bad that we want to live in her closet?
Read www.shadesandcoffee.com to follow Maha’s love affair with Fahsion and Dubai!!

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