Gold Souq

Every week we will post up images and stories that, are linked with the “Real UAE.” Not just the shinny glittery version (not that we don’t HEART that part as well) we want to focus on real places and real people.

Last weekend, saw us travel to the Gold Souq in Dubai, the gold souq reminded us of being in Egypt, you couldn’t walk 10 seconds without someone screaming at you to buy there stuff, or look into there stores. Once they realized that we were not tourists, they left us alone.

We didn’t realize how many people come to Dubai, especially to purchase gold, even at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon, the gold souq was heaving with shoppers.

Gold as far as the eye can see

diamonds and pearls

The Gold Souq isn’t just home to gold, it also includes beautifully hand crafted jewelry items, we drooled over these.

Another day, another dollar. A worker taking a rest from hauling his items through the souq


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