Fabric Souq –

Now that winter is finally upon us, it means we can continue to explore the city we live in, without sweating off our make up and having not so fashionable sweat stains. The great thing about winter is we no longer have to spend all your time at the Mall, so we decided to explore the “Real” Dubai for some fashion spots….

Do you ever wonder, where the fabric comes from, when you see Dubai based designers designs, or creative jewelry? Well we did, and on the weekend we decided to head to the Fabric Souq.

We had a very ‘Sex and the City” moment here, remember when Carrie sees similar shoes and falls in love.

Getting ready for the 40th anniversary of the UAE, UAE branded fabric was out in full force!

We fell in love with this tiny little ally way store, it was full of fun bright pieces of fabric and lace. We ended up purchasing some of these, to use as Statement Shoelaces.

We’re ashamed, of just how much stuff we bought, in this one tiny little store!













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